Mid-range surf with the quality of the high end.
Material Carbon fiber
Board color
Invert colours
In the package Fins+pads+case
1 200 


ST-1 is a PRO model in the ST category. With the weight 1850 grams it is one of the most light and controllable wakesurfs a man can get. Thanks to the fastest and extremely dynamic construction you will really be able to jump right into space.

1850 g
4.8 ft
1.8 ft

Handmade in CZ
2 year international warranty (Learn more)

In detail


Framework is inspired by aeronautical standards. Inner shell is lightened but toughly attached to outer part. Automatic flow system takes care of overpressure. Monocoque was made for utilization in direct sunlight. And of course the surf is covered in UV stable finish for stable colors.


Hydrodynamic design ensures maximum speed and control. Unique fins are made with clean crossover to bottom skid. Well thought graphic design goes in line with carbon surf body.


We made inner framework from hydrophobic sandwich airex-carbon, which makes the surf stable. Outer framework is made from nomex carbon and aramid for maximum firmness and minimum weight. Magnetic fins are made from deeply pressed carbon fibre for extreme firmness as well.