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What is a bunch of guys who build mini jets and military UAV for living doing over summer? Well, we try to make the best wake surfboards on the planet.


We are using the most advanced materials and technology that the aircraft industry has to offer. Carbon-fibre materials and our deep knowledge of aerodynamics help us build lighter, extremely durable and of course great looking wake surfboards.


We believe that there are people who always ask for more. Who are never satisfied with the average. Who want to jump higher, go faster and break the limits of the possible. We are one of them. We are Stratosphere. Build for the few who want to change a lot.

Probably the best wakesurf boards in the universe


Inspired by aviation and space engineering

The Stratosphere wakesurfs come out from more than 27 years of experience in developing autonomus planes. These UAV have to withstand speeds over 600 km/h. Their manoeuvrability overcomes the capabilities of sonic and army planes. They have to bear up with extreme temperatures and hard landings. And the same applies to our wakesurfs.

Technology of the future

Nothing is more important than focusing on the materials. We combine carbon, aramid and glass fibers with epoxide resin. This combination enables us to create dexterous, ultra light and highly responsive wakesurfs. For the inner shell we use purely hydrophobic materials. We adapt the same technology, which is used for F35Lightning II airplanes and McLaren super sport cars. Enough said.

Perfection in every detail

Just like planes are designed to slip trough air, our wakesurfs are designed to smoothly cut through water. The hydrodynamic shape guarantees maximum speed. Our commitment to crystal clear design is what makes the Stratosphere wakesurfs totally out of this planet like.

Carbon fiber surface ensures firmness, stability and speed.
Weight in first place. One of the most lightweight boards ever.
Hydrodynamic design that minimizes friction. Flexible radius forgives mistakes and leads you perfectly.
Revolutionary magnetic way of gripping fins.
  • Carbon fiber surface
  • Weight in first place
  • Flexible radius
  • Hydrodynamic design
  • Revolutionary magnetic

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